'Adopt Happiness' - making a difference, one dog at a time!
“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” ~Dalai Lama
Prachi Bhatnagar- Founder, Adopt happiness Prachi Bhatnagar- Founder, Adopt happiness
Little acts of kindness add up to big things! In today's world of suffering, one person making a difference usually gets lost in the enormity of it all. But the reality is, one person can make a big difference!
We chat with the Founder of 'Adopt Happiness'- Prachi Bhatnagar- A business development and human resource person by profession, who is a warm, and compassionate lady with a love for animals.
HUFT- Tell us about 'Adopt Happiness'
PRACHI:“ Adopt Happiness “ is a facebook group aimed at rehoming abandoned animals . As the name suggests we aim and join hands to get happiness that comes bouncing on all fours adopted. Those little heartbeats that bounce on our feet, those wet noses that win our hearts , are left to fend for themselves many a times , that is what touches our chords and we try and get them loving homes.We started as a three member group , and are now an 1800 plus members family from across India , each one trying to get happiness adopted.
Group Photo- Key members, Adopt Happiness Group Photo- Key members, Adopt Happiness
HUFT- How was 'Adopt happiness' started?
PRACHI:I distinctly remember me sitting late in the evening on New years eve in 2011 with my lil’ fairy Jaadoo sleeping next to me and I was contemplating what could I stand up for , a cause that I could work towards and make a difference in my own way in this world I looked at peaceful closed eyes of my lil bundle of naughtiness , her scrunched up nose , sleeping and dreaming of God knows what and in an instant images of those so many furballs flashed in my mind where they dont have a loving home and a peaceful nights’ sleep , where they don't have a fearless secure life , where they once had a family and are now all alone , where they are forever scared and I just created this group and soon we grew in leaps and bounds and are now a one big familyI am proud to say “ Adopt Happiness “ is mine and of everyone’s who has compassion and love for those who can't speak what they feel.
Arjun Kalra- Key member Arjun Kalra- Key member
HUFT- What are the challenges you face?PRACHI: As a group we are all like minded people from various backgrounds, professions and beliefs who have joined hands with a common feeling ‘ compassion towards abandoned animals ‘
An everyday challenge we face is animals abandoned everyday and very few who get adopted, a few stay in shelters all their lives. While we meet lots of good people, there are a few are rotten apples in the basket too. We have had one instance of a trusted member collecting funds in the name of the group and walking away with them without anyone's knowledge. All in a days work I guess !!
HUFT- Any particular stories that stand out?
PRACHI: Lots..!! …. Nikku , Tamatar , Lisa, Laddoo …. and many more all with their new families
Uma Menon-Key member Uma Menon-Key member
One of a real loving furball I distinctly remember is of Jazz... a black lhasa with white socks paws , now staying with a loving family and he is a wonder .. the family also has birds and Jazz happily trots around the house with the birdies in his mouth without hurting a feather
HUFT- Most rewarding experience for you?
PRACHI: Every instance where an animal goes to a family, every instance where I see a pooch running towards me to get a hug with unconditional affection is a reward.
Everytime I see an an animal who was just lost and desolate being taken home into the warmth of love and a family I come back wet eyed with happiness. Nothing could ever reward me more than all this .
HUFT- What can other people do to help out?
PRACHI: We do not look to change the world we just look to touch a few lives . Every furry soul adopted brings us peace and immense joy .
What we could really do with is people coming forward to adopt the abandoned babies , there are those who can’t adopt but if a few could help us foster the pooches for a few days till we find a permanent home for them .
Devika Raizada- Key member Devika Raizada- Key member
Just sharing a post on each ones’ timelines and spreading the word may get an animal a loving family , we just request everyone for this.
As we organise shelter visits very often , we urge everyone to donate anything they wish to in kind, like rice, daliya, biscuits, doggie toys , beddings, newspapers … anything that we could collect and give off to shelters or those who need this all on regular basis . We do not take any cash donations, anyone wanting to donate in cash can do that directly with the
Jayanti Mishra- Key member Jayanti Mishra- Key member
shelter they wish to.
PRACHI: Just a thought and belief that I live by , all of us have our own lives, super busy schedules and hectic everyday routines. If just for a few moments in a day we can try and talk to ourselves and stand up for what we feel is right we can bring about a change , and when we stand up for something we believe in lets’ not look around for approvals, lets’ just stand up for it even if we are standing alone , sooner or later we will see a lot of hand joining in.
Let’s not try change the world, lets ‘ be the change we wish to bring about.
lets’ wait , stop and do something when we see someone in trouble it could be us tomorrow when people will just walk past.