Hair shedding in dogs: Help is at hand
dog sheddingIs your pooch’s shedding hair giving you sleepless nights? You need not worry at all! Hair shedding is a common feature in dogs and they naturally shed hair in order to grow a new coat. Some of the common causes of hair shedding include the dog’s age, breed, seasonal changes and the dog’s overall health. Mutts tend to shed more in some months of the year than others. While some breeds, like German Shepherds, shed more and all year round, there are some that don’t shed as much.However you need to keep track of the amount and frequency of hair loss as excessive shedding could sometimes be attributed to a graver issue. It is best to consult a veterinarian to ensure that all is normal especially if you observe signs like bald spots, scratching or any kind of skin infection which could be a cause of hair loss.Dealing with regular hair shedding can also get challenging. So we bring to you some easy and important steps that can lend a helping hand in this scenario.Appropriate foodYour mutt’s hair is a direct reflection of its health and the food he eats. A healthy balanced diet with good quality food is a must. Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are said to contribute in maintaining healthy fur. Nutritious food may not eliminate shedding but can definitely keep it in brushingBrush your petGrooming is an essential part of keeping shedding in control. Regularly brushing your pet helps in keeping the hair clean, untangles it, keeps loose fur to a minimum and thus also helps keep the house clean. Ensure that you choose the right brush which is gentle on your pet and yet meets the purpose. For example: a wide toothed comb works well on longer hair. You could also trim your dog’s hair during the season that it sheds most in.Bathing your dogBathe your dog atleast once a week using a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Consult your vet for medicated shampoos which can help in untangling the coat, dealing with skin inflammation and improving overall coat texture. You can increase the frequency of the bath during hot temperatures but in all situations dry your pet very well as wet hair can get smelly and lead to other problems.Health checkupsThis is one step you cannot ignore. Taking your pet for regular health checkups is the key to overall good health. It will help you identify any problems at an early stage, thus providing timely treatment and avoiding excessive hair loss.Some quick tips to keep your home fur free –
  • Brush your dog in an open area where you can easily pick up the fallen hair. Follow this up with a walk, so any loose hair falls off.
  • Using the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair is the simplest way to clean dog hair off your furniture.
  • Keep a lint roller handy to pick pet hair off your clothes.