HUFT chats with Shweta Khurana from Dogs and Pups Magazine!
Shweta Khurana, Editor- Dogs and Pups magazine talks to Heads Up For Tails! Read below to find out more about the magazine!
HUFT: Tell us about Dogs and Pups Magazine.
Shweta: Dogs & Pups celebrates RESPONSIBLE PET PARENTINGA bimonthly magazine- we celebrate eternal love. Each issue makes you understand your pet better, become a responsible pet parent, get acquainted with pooch and kitty needs, ensure great health, get information on training , agility & grooming. Share fun- n- frolic, gear up to enjoy stardom, find out what’s hot what’s new. The magazine is also for a cause wherein we promote awareness for strays and abandoned dogs/cats and the people/organizations who help them.
HUFT: When did you start ?
Shweta khurana, Editor- Dogs and Pups Magazinewith her dog- Sparkles!
Shweta: We started in July 2004
HUFT: What are your thoughts about the pet market in India?Shweta: People are 'pawsionnate' about their pets and pets are family to majority :)
HUFT: What do you love about your work?Shweta: We love to share reliable information with people, the magazine is very interactive so- we keep reaching to the pulse of the reader as they write in about their pooches in our various sections.
HUFT: What's your favorite section of the magazine.Shweta: All the sections!We have great knowledge shared by experts in all areas and we love our INTERACTIVEs ( Love expressed MULTIPLIES)- where in the readers write in for several sections such as:
  • PICTURE PERFECT- we get amazing pictures here
  • PAWTAILS-Readers share their Paw love!
  • Ask The Expert- get questions answered from our experts-on various areas of Health, Nutrition, Grooming ,Training etc
  • Just Fur Fun- we recive inputs about what your doggy likes.
  • New Face- Your dog is super cool- let the whole world know.
  • Facebook Friends- Become a Friend on Facebook and share views which get printed in the magazine
  • Wags for the wonderful Vet- Your veterinarian is WONDERFUL- let the world know.
  • Remembrance- Memories are everlasting-share your loved ones memories.
  • Paws for thought- share your concern and seek advice...etc
HUFT: What are the challenges you face everyday.
Shweta: Looking for new pet parents everyday is rather challenging!
HUFT: What are the Future plans?
Shweta: There is a lot is in the pipeline- will consolidate next year- its gonna be a wagging 2013!
HUFT: Why is Dogs and Pups special to other dog magazines?
Shweta: It's all about PAWSIONNATE PET PARENTING.....a magazine from the heart- reaching out to people’s heart.
HUFT: What are your thoughts on Heads Up For Tails?
Shweta: Simply awesome- stylish products and way to go!!
Shweta wishes all our readers a Merry X-mas and a Very Happy New Year!
You can buy the subscription to the magazine right here!