Indian Dogs- Meet the Breed!
We see them around all the time- some friendly, some defensive- mostly homeless.But we don't know much about them!Let's learn about our very own indian Dogs (also commonly known as the pariah dog)- who are very hardy dogs. They are highly alert,intelligent and capable of independent thinking.Temperament:They make excellent watch dogs and are very territorial and defensive of their pack/family. They need good socializing as pups and do well wtih families and children.Health and Grooming:The skin needs very little grooming and the dogs themselves are relatively clean. They have no body odour. Genetic health ailments like hip dysplasia etc. are extremely rare since in a naturally evolved race only the fittest individuals breed and the flaws are bred out.Appearance:They are medium sized dogs, and have a rectangular built. Male dogs range a height of 20-25 inches and weigh around 20-30kgs whereas
Indian Dogs Photo credit: Rajashree Khalap from
females are 18-23inches in height and 15-25kgs in weight. They have a short double coat, a coarse upper coat and a soft undercoat. The most common colours that the Indian dog can be found in are brown, shades of dark reddish brown, with or without white markings. Health problems:If vaccinated, cared for properly and fed a well-balanced diet, they will rarely need to see a vet. They are not predisposed to develop any particular ailments.
We think that its terribly sad that our own Indian dogs are shunned away and imported breeds are preferred over them. They are strong, hardy and capable of as much love as any other 'breed'.Do give them a chance and adopt an Indian Dog today!Read our features on people who have adopted Indian dogs here.