Meet the breed - Labrador Retriever
Labrador’s are a very popular breed worldwide. They originated from Newfoundland, Canada and were originally known as St. John’s water dog. Historically, Labradors were used as gun dogs and today they are among the most popular breed for family pets due to their friendly nature. labrador heightAppearance & SizeLabradors come in three colours, golden, black, and chocolate. They have a strong built and are relatively bigger in size compared to other dog breeds. Male Labradors can grow to about 22-24inches, whereas female Labradors can reach 21-23 inches.
labrador and baby Gentle with babies
Temperament/PersonalityLabradors are considered as one of the most faithful pets. They are friendly, fun loving family dogs. They adapt very easily to different environments. They are gentle, and very lovable. Labradors are also very intelligent making them easy to train. This breed of dogs are perfect around babies because of their gentle and predictable nature.


Labradors have a short haired double coat, making it easy to groom them. A quick brush regularly keeps them clean. They should be shampooed only when necessary. HealthThe average lifespan for a Labrador is 10-12 years. There are three common issues that a Labrador faces, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and obesity. It is very important to maintain a Labradors diet as they grow up, as labs tend to over eat and put on weight. The owner must exercise their lab regularly in order to avoid obesity and laziness.An overweight Labrador, like humans are prone to knee and joint problems and they can be in constant pain when they get older. As responsible pet owners, it is important for you to not give in to their puppy eyes when they beg for food. Labradors need to be exercised a lot and fed well balanced diet. Always consult a dietitian and your vet on what to feed.TIP: Always get your Labrador weighed every month to monitor any kind of weight change with changing diet. Fish oils, pumpkin and oats are known to help dog lose weight.