Our partners- PAWS the pet store, Banglore
In 2008- Heads Up For Tails was established as an online store for pet accessories! As a tiny, home run business, I was anxiously waiting for orders. Just a few weeks later, the phone rang- It was Sandeep from Paws, The Pet store in Banglore. "Send me 10 of everything you have", he said. "We love your collection and want to stock it at PAWS!". While I danced in joy, with my first big order- that was also the start of a special partnership that has grown into a solid friendship over the past few years as Paws and Heads Up For Tails have worked closely together!
We'd love to tell you more about our special and oldest partners through an email interview with Sandeep and Ridhima from Paws, The Pet Store, Banglore.
Read on :)
HUFT: Tell us about Paws- when did you start and what was your inspiration?
PAWS: Our passion for animals and wanting to spend every minute with our dogs was our inspiration to launch PAWS. In the beginning of 2008 when Bangalore had very little available in fun, funky and functional products for cats and dogs, we knew that on the other side of the world pooches were being showered with the latest fashion, hilarious toys and coolest cribs, we knew we had to get some of it for our dogs. But not stopping there, we wanted to share the love and offer these same products to your furry kids too. As animal lovers, we understood that pet owners desired the very best for their four-legged friends. A spacious, friendly environment where pets are encouraged to browse along with their owners, PAWS is a beautifully designed store!
Sandeep with Oreo
As busy working Bangaloreans we sought -and rarely found - the professional yet loving care we needed for our pets cookie and pudding. we started paws in june ‘08 to provide others the exact and affectionate service we always wanted for our pets. PAWS offers a wide array of upscale merchandise for dogs, cats and pet lovers worldwide. This includes designer collars and leashes, chic pet beds and cozy blankets, stylish pet apparel, unique toys and treats, sleek pet carriers, fabulous feeding bowls and grooming accessories, as well as heartwarming gifts for all animal lovers. No matter whom you are shopping for — dog, cat or pet owner — you'll find something special at PAWS.
HUFT: How do you and Ridhima divide up the work and responsibilities.
I look after Retail, Wholesale, Ordering, Stock management and Window display, while Ridhima is in charge of Online sales, Web Marketing, Facebook, Emails, P R and Customer relations. We make a good team!
HUFT: What makes PAWS special?
Being a family business PAWS knows its individual customers, their pets and their special needs and will go the extra mile to provide assistance and quality service.
HUFT: Tell us about your pets.
Oreo is a wire hair dachshund. She's always around at the store to greet customers!
Cookie, a cocker spaniel - who we sadly just lost. She was the inspiration behind PAWS.
Pudding is a labrador
Freya is our african grey parrot
HUFT: What's your favourite place to take your dog out in Banglore?
To the restaurant. A lot of restaurants in bangalore are open to the fact of people bringing their pet along for a meal. One of the restaurants we love going to is Sunny's.
HUFT: What words of wisdom do you have for first time pet owners?
Never buy on impulse and really think through the decision to get a pet. A pet is a lifetime commitment and will rely on its guardian for all of its needs.
The average life span of a pet is anywhere from ten to fifteen years or more and a puppy is a living creature you cannot "try on for size". Be prepared to make a commitment to the care and well being of your dog from puppyhood to old age.
HUFT: What are your best selling products?
Our unique range of collars and leashes. and beds and our vast collection of grooming products like perfumes and toys as well.
HUFT - Share how Paws is special to its customers.
It's how Paws- the pet store has become a must visit destination for anyone coming from out of town. Every wife, girlfriend , brother- sister sends them over with a list of products they have to pick up for their four - legged companions. Every time we see a customer like that it brings us such joy; it makes us realise that we've not only managed to impact our local market but people all over the world.
HUFT: What's your favourite HUFT product?
The colourful vibrant range of dog collars !
HUFT: What are your thoughts on HUFT? :)
It has changed the way our dogs dress and look like. It has allowed doggies to have a comfortable soft place to rest every night and more over it has given owners the ability to look after their pets just like their would look after for their own family.
Paws is a beautiful store, based in Banglore, and a must visit if you're in the city!
Here's their address:
PAWS the pet store, No.10 , K 2nd street , Markham Road , Ashoknagar , Bangalore 560025