Our Partners- Red Paws Spa, New Delhi
Red Paws Pet Spa, located in chic Haus Khas village, New Delhi is the latest hangout for all the fashionista pooches whose parents know the importance of good grooming! They are our newest partners and we are so proud of their venture. The company is run by Sakshi and Sadhwi Sondhi. Sadhwi is a trained dog groomer from London, whereas Sakshi has a degree in Business from Australia and takes care of the spa management.Read more about the girls behind the brand in an interview with HUFT:HUFT: Tell us about the Red paws spa- when did you start and what was your inspiration?
Red paws Pet Spa:
Red- the inspiration behind Red Paws Spa
Our main inspiration for all our endeavors is our dog Red who was an amazing companion.
We started RPS in September this year as we saw the lack of awareness of dog grooming in Delhi. Not all dog owners are aware that their dog is in need of regular grooming sessions. We wanted to change the perception and educated all dog owners.
HUFT: What services do you offer at RPS?
Red paws Pet Spa:
Full Service Bath:This package is packed with the basic essentials your pooch will need to look dashing, fresh and amazing. Recommended for pet owners whose dogs do not require much grooming. i.e very short haired coats
Full Service Style:This package is for dogs that have medium to long haired coats. Our groomer will provide breed specific hairstyles according to the Kennel Club U.K. These styles are followed by groomers world wide, the most famous being a full groomed standard poodle!
HUFT: What makes Red Paws Spa special?
Red Paws Pet Spa:
Sadhwi at work
At Red Paws Pet Spa, we treat your dogs as our own as we both are genuine dog lovers. Also most importantly part of our profits go towards our own NGO - Red Paws Rescue which helps rescue and rehome stray and abandoned puppies/dogs.
HUFT: Tell us about your dogs.
Red Paws Pet Spa: We have got 3 dogs - Nikki, Phoebex and Zoey. Nikki is a rescued beagle adopted by our family when she was 5 years old! She is adorable, loves cake and playing with Zoey. Phoebex is a Labrador Retriever born in our house to our inspiration and our very first dog Red who passed away a year back. Phoebex just loves to sleep and sleep and sleep. Zoey is our very own adopted Indian puppy who joined our family when we found her strolling in the middle of the street as a month old puppy. She is a bundle of energy and she is often called Hurricane Zoey as she leaves a trail of destruction after her play time!!
HUFT: Tell us about Red Paws Rescue.
Red Paws Pet Spa:
Red Paws Rescue is a registered non - profit charity aimed at the rescue and rehabilitation of stray and abandoned dogs in New Delhi started by Sadhwi. The aims and purposes of Red Paws Rescue include finding homes for Indian dogs and pups and placing abandoned pets into loving homes. RPR is closely associated with several animal shelters throughout the country and we assist in providing them with food, medicines and awareness regarding their work.
HUFT: What's your favourite HUFT product?
Sadhwi and Sakshi
Red Paws Pet Spa:
HUFT is a very cool, fashionable and chic brand. One of our favourite products is the Oh La La Collar. The products show that a lot of thought and passion has gone into creating each and every unique product. We are glad to be partnered with such an amazing company!
For all of our Delhi friends and customers- do visit Red Paws Spa with your pooches!
Address: 29A haus Khas Village, First Floor, New Delhi-16
Website: http://www.redpawsonline.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/RedPawsPetSpa