Playtime with your pooch: The importance of dog toys
Playtime is an essential part of your dog's daily routine. And what better way to make it more fun than with dog toys! Dogs love their toys - all shapes, sizes and kinds. You get ones that are squeaky, chewable, soft, hard and the list goes on and on. Dog toys are not just a source of entertainment for your pooch but come with a host of benefits which make them a necessity in your dog's life. From assisting in social and physical development, to keeping boredom at bay, restricting destructive behavior and strengthening your relationship with your pet, they are essentials which you cannot ignore!So if your dog doesn't already have its own set of toys, it’s time for you to go out there and get him some much needed toys. And we help you make the right choice with our quick list of dog toys and the importance of each:Chew toys: Every dog’s delight, be it a teething puppy or a full grown dog, every pooch likes to chew. They strengthen the jaw muscles, help avoid teeth problems, prevents your dog (especially a teething puppy) from biting into precious household items and the dog can play with them on its own even if you are busy.Soft toys: Provides comfort, as they are fuzzy and cuddly! It’s also a good way to channelize your dog’s energy and avoid destruction of your belongings.Fitness/fetch toys: Also called interactive toys, vital for maintaining the dog’s health by getting it to chase, fetch, run and jump thus exercising their bones and muscles. From a basic, every – dog – must – have ball (there are plenty of varieties to suit every dog), to even toys that float on water and are suitable for water loving canines. These toys also increase interaction between you and your dog as you get to spend quality time together and also aids in training.Treat toys: There are some toys like Kong that can be filled with small food treats that are very attractive to dogs. The food doesn’t come out easily and the dog is kept busy, playing and rolling to try and get the reward. Tips to keep in mind while buying toys:
  • Keep in mind the breed, age and temperament of the dog before buying a toy
  • Always allow some toys to be readily accessible to your dog, especially when you are leaving it alone.
  • Do not buy very small toys/toys with parts that can be ingested
  • Do not give your dog all the toys at once. Keep sharing them at intervals.
  • While buying chewable toys, check for safety precautions to avoid any injury
  • When buying plastic toys look for non –toxic ones.
  • Atleast one interactive toy is a must have.
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