Reasons why dogs make the BEST valentine!
If you are spending the day with your human love- have a wonderfully romantic day! If not- don't forget that you have a four legged fur ball of unconditional love!Here are some reasons why dogs make the BEST valentine Ever:
  1. Dogs don't care if you are presentable or not.
  2. They listen to you complain about your work, your boss, your wardrobe, pimples..etc.. for the millionth time without passing judgements!
  3. Dogs are always happy to see you and greet you joyously EVERYTIME you come home.
  4. No one in the world loves you more than your dog.
  5. Dogs never cheat!
  6. Dogs love long, romantic walks, and coochie-coo conversations!
  7. If your dog smells another dog on you- they don't get upset! They find it quite interesting.
  8. Dogs are always in the modd to cuddle!
  9. No fighting over the TV remote
  10. Dogs will never complain about your cooking
  11. You'll always be their Number 1 Love!
Dogs and Valentine Reasons why dogs make the best valentine
Thank them for their love and devotion by spending a little extra time with them this Valentine's Day and engaging in some playtime and Cuddle time! And Oh- you can always buy them a little treat here!