'Sometimes a prince has 4 legs' by Purvash Jha
I hope you get my title wants to say. Yes I refer to dogs. The dearest, cutest, most loyal companions you can ever have. And if you are the same to him/her, the world gets better. We all have heard stories how dogs make very good companion and are the best friends you can get, but you don't truly believe those stories, until you are a part of them.I am a science student, my life is composed of physics, chemistry and misery (I love biology). I changed my school this year, and got admitted into a stupid school. I got separated from my best friend. So in brief, I became a loner, who wasn't getting good marks, I wasn't happy.
But.. one fine day, my father came from work and said 'our lives have been too boring for a while, let's get a dog'. And the next thing I remember is searching the internet for Labrador puppies. A week from that day, he was with me. And I'd forgotten everything else. Unit tests, assignments, everything. And even after completing 6 months of his arrival, the feeling of having such a wonderful companion is magical. Someone very rightly said that a dog is the only creature who loves you more than he loves himself. When I come home from school, he is always waiting for me, and my mother tells me everything that he has been looking at the gate for 2-3 hours. However bad or good my day goes, the site of him waggling his otter tail steals the heart of me and makes me forget everything for I know, men may come and men may go, Freedo(his name) will stay forever. His minutest attribute, from resting his head on my lap when he wants to play or eat, to his leaving his comfortable warm bed just to be with me, melts my heart.
I have my friends, worrying that if they'll ever get a girlfriend or not. I had never been much interested in having one, but after Freedo, I never want to have one, for Freedo will have to share me with her. I want a girlfriend for him when he grows up, and I'd even like him to be a father one day. My father says, when you'll turn 21-22, you'll see that you'll be dying to get married. I have never wanted to marry anyone, but I thought my father may just turn out to be right eventually, but now, there's no chance. I am going adopt 6 dogs and spend half of my bucks nurturing them. He has brought about fundamental changes in me. Not that I have started loving studies, but I don't think much, except when I am travelling, I just wake up, kiss him a million times, realize that I am late, hurry up with morning business, bid take care to him, go to school, return, embrace him, feed him, walk with him, sleep with him, wake up, play football with him, study with he being beside me. sleep beside him. Bathe him, admire him after seeing a well groomed lad and the chain goes just around the corner again.
His love is so strong, that he even made my mother fall in love with him. Considering that my mother does not like animals much because they litter. They stay together most of the time, and if you visit my home sometime, you'll most probably see my mother reading newspaper or watching tv and freedo sitting by her feet.
Look how that creature won the heart of all my family members and people around and that too without uttering any word, okay his eyes speak a lot, and his tail, and his ears, and his slippery tongue too.
Purvash Jha is a class 11 student from Delhi, who adores his dog! This is his little story about all the joys that his pet has brought into his life.