Personalised Dog Beds and Mats


Personalised Beds for Dogs & Puppies at HUFT 

Everyone needs a place of their own for sound sleep and quick catnaps. Everyone, including your doggie. Some dogs love lounger beds to stretch out in, some like a little pillow to sleep with their heads elevated and other like donut beds to curl up in. For our golden oldies, an orthopedic bed supports aching bones and joints, helping them sleep better.

Besides being able to choose from this wide range of beds for your dogs, we also give you the option of taking home personalised dog beds that have your pet’s name clearly printed on them!

Custom Dog Beds

Adult dogs sleep between 12-16 hours a day (they do need to sleep for these many hours). And at HUFT, we conceptualise and design these special beds in-house so they the cosiest possible spot to rest their heads.

Besides their beds, Personalized Dog Mats are popular because of the convenience they offer. These are designed to be mobile so your pet can catch a nap under your desk while you work or in the car on your way back from the dog park. You can also lay it out on your sofa so your pet can stay close as you Netflix.

Pet mats can also have your pet’s name printed in one corner. They can be rolled up, fit into a convenient strap and carried anywhere!

If you have a senior dog at home, you may be looking at investing in an orthopedic dog bed for him or her. These are specially designed to make it easier for your pet to step on and provide ample support for dogs with joint issues to be comfortable. These orthopedic beds can also be personalised with your pet’s name on them.