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HUFT YIMT Chicken & Cheese Dog Biscuits

The Yummy In My Tummy Chicken & Cheese dog cookies are great for rewarding your pets! Made with human grade ingredients, these treats are healthy and wholesome devoid of added sugar or artifici... read more
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The Yummy In My Tummy Chicken & Cheese dog cookies are great for rewarding your pets! Made with human grade ingredients, these treats are healthy and wholesome devoid of added sugar or artificial flavours. Real chicken and cheese ingredients make these tasty bite-sized goodies for your dogs.

  • Food Type: Cookies for dogs
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Made from whole wheat and rice flour
  • Made from real chicken and cheese
  • Treats should always be given in moderation
  • Always have fresh water available for your pet
  • Never feed above recommended quantities unless prescribed by a vet
  • Always check the ingredient label for possible allergens

Suitable for All Dogs

Healthy Grains

Made with Love

Human Grade Ingredients

Permitted Preservatives

Real Cheese

Real Chicken

Real Vegetables

HUFT Tip: Treats do not need to be given on a daily basis. Treats add to the daily calorie intake and should really only be used on occasion (as rewards) or for training purposes.

Whole wheat flour, rice flour, chicken, cheese, vegetable protein, jaggery, shortening, salt, leavening agent, emulsifier and permitted preservatives.

The Heads Up For Tails Yummy In My Tummy‚ biscuits makes treat time both nutritious and delicious. Containing real vegetables and fruits, these healthy treats are free of added sugar and artificial flavours. They come in 4 chicken and 4 vegetable flavours, out of which 2 are suitable for our gluten allergic friends.


  • These biscuits are oven-baked
  • We use real ingredients so your doggie gets all their nutritional benefits
  • We use only Human Grade Ingredients
  • We have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavours
  • We dont include any artificial colours or sugar so they are safe for your dogs


Chicken and Oats

These cookies for dogs are a great source of protein while oats are loaded with fibre and a healthier alternative to conventional flour.

Chicken and Cheese

These biscuits include two yums in one crunchy treat! Healthy and wholesome, with these bite-sized goodies, youre sure to be any doggies favourite hooman.

Chicken (Gluten-Free)

Give your pet a healthy snack. These biscuits have been made with real chicken for its nutrition and flavour. These are Free of sugars and gluten.

Chicken Liver Dog Biscuits

These dog biscuits are both delicious and nutritious.We have used whole wheat and rice flour to make it healthier for your dog.‚ 


Pumpkin & Carrot

These are nutritious dog biscuits. Pumpkin is great for digestion and even gives the immune system a boost while carrots are excellent for eyesight.‚ 

Banana and Oats

These biscuits give your pet a boost of nutrition. Bananas are a great source of Vitamin B6 and potassium. While oats provide plenty of fibre.

Apple & Banana (Gluten-Free)

These biscuits are made with rice and gram flour. Bananas and apples are a great treat for dogs and offer them a host of vitamins including A, C and B6.

Apple and Cinnamon

These‚ Crunchy and nutritious biscuits bring together the deliciousness of apple and cinnamon to make a much sought-after treat.

HUFT Veg Biscuits

HUFT Non-Veg Biscuits

Why did we make Yummy In My Tummy Biscuits?

Treats always come in handy in a household with a dog. Treats are used for rewards, training or to play a game with your dog. We wanted to give pet parents a healthy, conveniently sized treat to suit all these purposes. We oven-bake these biscuits and use real veggies, fruit and meat to make them more nutritious.


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