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Cat Food

HUFT turns 14! Celebrating 14 years of partnering with pet parents. Buy healthy and tasty cat food online from the best cat food brands i...

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₹500.00 ₹450.00 10% Off
1.2 kg
3 kg
7 kg

Availability: 88 in stock

₹840.00 ₹714.00 15% Off

Schesir 51% Tuna with Quinoa Canned Wet Cat Food - 85 g

Natural, steamed, preservative-free & hand-processed

Availability: 472 in stock

Pack of 1
Pack of 15

Availability: 14 in stock

₹1,175.00 ₹1,057.50 10% Off
3 kg
7 kg

Schesir 57% Tuna in Natural Gravy Wet Cat Food - 70 g

Natural, steamed, preservative-free, hand-processed & cruelty-free

Availability: 401 in stock

Pack of 1
Pack of 15

Royal Canin Fit 32 Adult Dry Cat Food

High-quality, safe, international cat food

Availability: 24 in stock

₹320.00 ₹288.00 10% Off
400 g
2 kg
4 kg
10 kg
15 kg

Kit Cat Ocean Fish Premium Adult Dry Cat Food

High-quality, crunchy, balanced & delicious

Availability: 13 in stock


Sheba Fish with Dry Bonito Flake Adult Wet Cat Food - 35 g packs

High-quality, savourity & delicious

Availability: 221 in stock

₹540.00 ₹491.40 9% Off
Pack of 12
Pack of 24
Pack of 36

Orijen 85% Meat Cat & Kitten Dry Food

High protein, low carb, international cat food

Availability: 20 in stock

340 g
1.8 kg
5.4 kg
17 kg

Applaws Natural 75% Tuna Fillet and 23% Prawn Wet Cat Food - 70 g

Natural, human-grade, international cat food

Availability: 689 in stock


Schesir 51% Tuna With Whitebaits Wet Cat Food - 85 g

Gluten-free, grain-free, steamed & preservative-free

Availability: 640 in stock

Pack of 1
Pack of 15

Top Rated Cat Food: Dry Food and Wet Food for Cats

Is your cat a fussy eater? Not to worry, we learnt early on that pets have their own preferences when it comes to food. That’s why we stock up on a number of different cat food varieties. You will be able to find both dry and wet cat food options that are sourced from both Indian and international brands. You can look for gourmet options from Schesir and home-style fishy gravy with chunks from Kennel Kitchen. If you have a kitten to care for, take a look at the Farmina N&D Ocean variety for wet food. Applaws, Taste of the Wild, Me-O are other food brands that are popular with felines.

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