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HUFT Meow Monsters Catfish Cat Toy

Fun, easy to use & contains catnip

Availability: 104 in stock


HUFT Camel Wand Toy For Cats

Safe, engaging & lightweight

Availability: 96 in stock


HUFT Sprinkle Wand Toy For Cats

Safe, engaging & lightweight

Availability: 87 in stock


HUFT Flower Shower Wand Toy For Cats

Safe, engaging & lightweight

Availability: 73 in stock


Availability: 45 in stock


Petstages Jack Catnip Chew Cat Toy - Blue - 6 cm

Fun, easy to use & supports dental health

Availability: 17 in stock


Petstages Toss N Flip Chips Chew Cat Toy - Assorted

Fun, textured & supports dental health

Availability: 18 in stock


Petstages Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel Cat Chew Toy - Orange

Lightweight, textured, fun cat toy

Availability: 26 in stock


Petstages Catnip Dental Health Cat Chew Toy

Lightweight, textured, fun cat toy

Availability: 20 in stock


Petstages Tons of Tails Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toy

Lightweight, conveniently-sized & easy to use

Availability: 27 in stock


Trixie Premium Catnip 20 g

Aromatic, safe & long-lasting

Availability: 51 in stock

₹150.00 ₹120.00 20% Off

Trixie Matatabi Chewing Sticks for Cats 10 gm

Natural, scented cat toy

Availability: 48 in stock

₹225.00 ₹180.00 20% Off

Best Cat Toys Collection: Shop Chew, Plush & Interactive Cat Toys

Just as people and other pets need physical and mental activities to stay fit and healthy, so do cats. Especially indoor cats. Playtime enriches your feline’s routine with both of these and playtime with your kitty also strengthens the bond that you have. There are plenty of toys for cats online that you purchase to use for play sessions. We’ve tried to include a wide variety in this collection.

The hunting instinct in cats is very strong and they love toys that appeal to this. Dangling toys that they can swat and attempt to pull down are very tempting and often placed on cat trees.

Different textures are also quite appealing so many cat toys have feathers attached, cat scratching pads and posts are quite rough and other toys may have a plush finish. Toys that crinkle or that are shiny are equally fun to play with.

Cat wands are a favorite as they entice a cat to chase and the long handle keeps a pet parent’s hands safe from kitty’s excitable claws. You can move this wand in circles, make it twitch on the floor or even just wave it around.

Catnip toys for cats are another favorite and excellent to draw a cat into a game. Some cats can get overexcited with catnip so it’s best to introduce it to them in small sessions until you know how he or she is going to react. Soft or plush toys give kitties a chance to wrestle with something that’s their own size. This way, they won’t be wrestling with your arm.

At first, offer your cat a variety of toys so you can see which type he or she likes best. Toys that your cat can catch are preferable to laser lights which can be frustrating because they can never catch it.

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