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HUFT Colour Me Happy Detachable Bow Tie for Dogs

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Cheerfully designed, the HUFT Colour Me Happy Bow Tie is simple to wear. Its detachable design makes it easy to slip on and off a conventional flat collar. Light and convenient, it is ideal for pets who are unused to wearing accessories.

Suitable for dogs of all sizes, these bow ties come with an elastic loop at the back that can be slipped on to collars of any width.

Product Type: Accessory for dogs
Can be fitted on to any flat collar
Detachable design
Made from cotton
We recommend pet parental supervision for any clothing or accessory

HUFT Tip:If you love dressing your pet up, start early. This way they will get accustomed to the feel of wearing clothes and accessories. Start small (like bow ties) and when they are comfortable with these, you can introduce them to light t-shirts.