Dog Bow Ties


Dog Bow Ties: HUFT Designer Dog Partywear Accessories

Bow ties don’t just have to be for special occasions, they are also lovely for a walk around the neighbourhood or a visit to your favourite pet-friendly café. We’re constantly adding new designs and styles, one of our latest is the HUFT Sweetheart Bow Tie. This one is a great bow tie for a golden retriever, a lab even a pug!

HUFT bow ties are all designed and made with your pet in mind. Here are a few things we do to make these accessories both cute and comfortable.

The Detachable Design: HUFT Detachable bow ties have a little elastic strap at the back which can be used to slip it on to a conventional flat collar. Then you just have to buckle the collar in as you usually do and your pet is not bothered by an additional strap. In fact, they can hardly feel the additional accessory.

Light Fabrics: We choose the fabrics we use carefully so it is the most lightweight for your pet. They are also super easy to maintain.

So Many to Choose From! You get to choose between so many different patterns and colours for your dog. No matter what the occasion, your pet’s personality or coat, you will be able to find many options for your munchkin. Besides the fun prints, we also make festive dog bow ties for weddings Diwali, Christmas and so on.

Choices for Cats as well: Some of our designs are just perfect for felines and these are made in sizes to suit. So if your cat enjoys looking dapper every now and then, do take a look at those!

Bow ties are an easy and convenient way to dress up your pet. If your doggie is not used wearing accessories, this is a great way to start getting him or her used to them. Remember to leave them on for short sessions and we always recommend that accessories and clothes are worn under pet parent supervision.