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HUFT Woof Dog Bowl

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₹ 349.00
₹ 349.00

Designed to be an adorable dinner accessory for dogs, the Woof Dog Bowl has embossed art on the side. Made of stainless steel, it is easy to keep clean. This durable dog bowl has a rubber non-slip base.

  • Product type: Bowl for small dog breeds
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rubber base
  • Embossed design

Care Instructions: Wash by hand with a mild dishwashing soap. Rinse well after.

HUFT Tip: Very often, pet parents feed their dog based on the size of the bowl rather than their dog's needs. Depending on their lifestyles, age and size, the quantity of kibble required varies. Check with a pet nutritionist, vet or the back of the kibble bag for correct feeding recommendations. Buying a breed-appropriate food bowl helps stick to correct feeding portions.


Small - 250ml
Medium - 450ml
Large - 900ml
XLarge - 1500ml