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All For Paws Travel Dog - Car Ramp for Pets

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All For Paws
₹ 10,999.00
₹ 10,999.00

As pets age, they find it harder to climb up and down from elevated surfaces. Conditions like arthritis and arthrosis make mobility painful and limited. To prevent adding to the stress, lay out a ramp for your pet. Rather than jumping down, all they have to do is walk down at their own pace.

The All For Paws Pet Ramp has a lateral safety bar which keeps your pet on track (rather than tempting him to jump down the side). A non-slip surface adds to safety. It is also recommended for younger dogs to prevent joint and hip issues from developing. It is easy to fold and store, making it perfect to travel with.

Car ramp
Non-slippery surface
Lateral security bar
Compatible with SUVs, sedans and minivans
Supports weight up to 90kg
Easy to fold and store
Size (Cm) : L 157.0 x W 42.0 x H 15.0

HUFT Tip: You will have to train your pet to walk up and down the ramp. Guide them slowly by standing right next to the ramp and leading them up and down at their own pace.