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Dog Food - Top Rated Dog Food Brands for Puppy & Dogs

We know how much doggies love their meals and we’re doing our best to get together a yum collection of dog food for them! From Orijen, Acana, Taste of The Wild to Royal Canin and Farmina N&D to Doggie Dabbas, Arden Grange and Kennel Kitchen, we have a wide variety of wet dog food and dry dog food for you. Each brand offers its varieties of flavors and proteins so you have plenty to choose from to make your pet happy. With pet food, it’s more than just taste that you need to consider. Your pet’s lifestyle, breed, age, allergies, and other specific characteristics guide their nutritional requirements. For instance:

For Puppy

Pups have very high energy lifestyles and need the fuel to sustain their level of physical activity. They also have a lot of growth and development at this stage and need the right levels of different nutrients for optimal growth. Large breed pups may need vitamins and minerals to support bone growth and so on. Therefore a balanced Puppy Food is highly recommended for puppies.

For Adult Dogs

Adult dogs will need to have their diets altered to suit their lifestyle. Working dogs like sniffer dogs or police dogs will need more fuel to support their activities while pet dogs who enjoy a more laidback routine may need fewer carbohydrates. Their diet will largely depend on their level of activity, breed, and life stage. If the diet does not match your dog’s specific needs, it may result in your pet gaining weight or being underweight or otherwise developing easily preventable conditions.

For Senior Dogs

Senior dogs need a little more care all round. Just as people do as they age, senior pets also may slow down a little, change up their lifestyle, and show signs of age-related conditions. Their diet needs to account for these changes. It is best to speak to a canine nutritionist to get the right diet for your pet. Senior pets may enjoy dry food better when it is soaked for a few minutes in warm water. This makes it softer and easier to eat. It also makes it smell more tempting for your pet.

We have a wide variety of options available in our best dog food in India to cater to all of these different requirements. From Indian and international brands, there is something that will work for every doggie. You can choose from different pack sizes and remember, each variety comes with its feeding guidelines so it’s highly recommended to check this before you feed your pet.