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HUFT Double Sided Brush for Dogs

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₹ 449.00
₹ 449.00

The pin side of the brush has rounded, comfort tips so it is gentle on the skin. This side is great to remove loose hair. The bristles on the other side are perfect for sensitive areas like the rear, underbelly and face. The bristles also help distribute natural oils evenly across the coat, giving it a final, lovely lustre.


Combination brush for dogs and cats (all breeds)
Pin brush and bristle brush
Pins have rounded, comfort tips
Bristle brush is perfect for sensitive areas
Rubberised handle enables firm grip
Available in 2 sizes
Suitable for all breeds
If you are unsure how to use this, seek the advice of a professional

HUFT Tip: Comb in the direction of hair growth and away from the skin. Work on the coat in sections to make it easier. Remove tangles gently, do not pull on the fur too hard as it will hurt your dog.