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Beaphar HD Tablets for Dogs - 100 Tabs

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₹ 1,400.00
₹ 1,400.00

Perfect for dogs who are prone to hip and joint problems, these HD Tablets encourage synovial fluid production. Inflammation eases and supporting tissue is strengthened, making it less painful to walk and stand. HD Tablets help to strengthen ligaments and boost your pet's immune system as well. This supplement is not to be confused with a painkiller, it is used to make joints supple. The dosage is based on weight, speak to your vet before administering the dose.

  • Product type: Joint Supplement
  • Is not a painkiller, helps make the joint supple
  • Consult a licenced vet before administering
  • Do not crush or break, it needs to be taken whole
  • HUFT Tip: As your pets age, the cold affects them more. Place your pet's bed away from doorways and cold drafts. They also find it easier to get on low lying beds.