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Doggie Dabbas - Puppy Food, Dog Food, Treats & Cat Food

Doggie Dabbas aims to give pet parents a convenient way to feed their pets without having to compromise on nutrition. Their pet food and treats are both Protein-Rich and Vacuum Packed – all you have to do is defrost open and serve your pet a delicious meal.

Doggie Dabbas Treats

Doggie Dabbas began with a wide range of dog treats that are all-natural and no preservatives. Doggie Dabbas Chicken Jerky and Fish Ferky are single-ingredient treats that are just dehydrated so all their nutrients and natural flavors remain. 

While these varieties are very popular with doggies, they also enjoy the treats that are elevated with the goodness of berries (cranberries & blueberries). These berries contain nutrients that strengthen their immune systems. Doggie Dabbas also offers a number of single-ingredient cat treats under their ‘Meow Chow’ range.

Doggie Dabbas Freshibble

Freshibble gives your pet freeze-dried dog food meals made with real ingredients. This way you know exactly what your pet is eating and can be sure of the nutrient content. Available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties, these meals give your pet a good boost of vitamins and minerals.

At Heads Up For Tails, We have a complete range of Doggie Dabbas Pet Foods available and ready to be delivered at your doorstep. Order now and feed your doggie fresh and healthy treats and foods.

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