HUFT Hand Painted Collection


A Collection that puts together the spark joy for pet parents and pet lovers. We brought in an artist to do the hand-painted pattern of dogs and flowers which has been painted on objects we use daily. The Hand Painted Collection includes bottles, glasses, and jars made with super durable stainless steel. With hand painted jars, keep your favorite snacks safe at work or hide away your secret stash of chocolates at home. Stay hydrated with the loveliest hand-painted steel water bottle and Glasses. It’s leakproof and safe to carry with you. It has:

✔ Delightful print to brighten up your day
✔ Long Lasting (26-gauge stainless steel)
✔ Best Alternative for Plastic, also Earth Friendly
✔ Easy to clean by hand, also dishwasher friendly
✔ An excellent gift (especially for pet people)