Mid Summer Sale 2022

Mid Summer Sale 2022

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HUFT Natural Shampoo for Puppy and Kitten - Vanilla & Honey

Plant-based, pH-balanced dog shampoo & cat shampoo

Availability: 72 in stock

200 ml
500 ml

Availability: 85 in stock


Isle of Dogs Everyday Silky Coating Dog Shampoo - Jasmine + Vanilla - 500 ml

Softening, cleansing, hydrating & fragrant

Availability: 146 in stock


RELIQ Mineral Spa Dog Shampoo - Jasmine - 500 ml

Moisturising, conditioning & contains nano-enhanced minerals

Availability: 238 in stock

₹1,499.00 ₹899.40 40% Off

HUFT Nylon Summer Sky Dog H Harness

Durable, adjustable dog harness

Availability: 11 in stock

S: 16.5-23.6" Girth
M: 20.4-29.5" Girth
L: 29.1-47.2" Girth

HUFT Easy On Dog Harness - Pink

Breathable, comfortable, easy to wear dog harness

Availability: 52 in stock

M: 26-37" Girth
L: 29-41" Girth

HUFT Double Sided Brush for Dogs & Cats - Orange

No-slip, easy to use pet grooming brush

Availability: 25 in stock


HUFT Big Buddy Collection Dog Toy - Simba the Lion

Soft, easy to play with plush dog toy

Availability: 7 in stock


HUFT Twistee Collection Dog Chew Toy - Fetch 'n' Chew

Durable, lead-free, strong chew toy

Availability: 43 in stock

S/5 inch
M/7 inch
L/9 inch

HUFT Colour Chaser Reversible Mesh Dog Harness - Multicolor

Breathable, comfortable, easy to wear dog harness

Availability: 8 in stock

₹1,349.00 ₹944.30 30% Off
S: 12-18" Girth
M: 16-22" Girth
L: 20-29" Girth
XL: 22-32" Girth

HUFT Jungle Collection Towering Grace Reversible Dog Harness

Easy to slip on, adjustable, strong dog harness

Availability: 14 in stock

₹1,199.00 ₹1,079.10 10% Off
S: 15-18" Girth
M: 19-22" Girth
L: 21-28" Girth

HUFT Biodegradable Pet Wipes

All-natural and safe to use on puppies & kittens

Availability: 373 in stock

Pack of 30
Pack of 80

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