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Wag & Love: All Natural Dog Food & Puppy Food for Small, Medium, Large & Giant Breeds

Like so many pet brands that exist today, Wag & Love was also founded in honor of a loyal, four-legged companion. Puchki the pug suffered from severe food allergies and this is what prompted her family to think about what goes into her diet, setting them on the path to discovering the benefits of natural dog food.

Based on their initial research they realized that they weren’t the only ones with puppers suffering from food-related allergies. Inspired to do something about the situation, they worked with canine nutritionists in America and Europe to formulate natural and delicious dog food. Wag and love natural pet food use a holistic approach to create the best meals for your pet.

Not only are these absolutely drool-worthy but also made right here in India with natural ingredients including fresh meat, fruit, vegetables & herbs. These all-natural dog food and natural cat food recipes are devoid of artificial flavoring, preservatives & grains! Wag & Love is a family-run venture based in India and intends to remain the same. They are committed to contributing positively to the well-being of the pet community. This company focuses its energy as well as its resources on producing the best natural dog food at affordable prices.

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