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Himalaya Digyton Drops - 30 ml

Digyton was formulated by Himalaya to ease digestive functioning in pets. It is also tones the digestive tract and helps to treat common gastrointestinal disorders.  

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Most often prescribed by vets in cases of indigestion. Digyton is formulated to facilitate the secretion of amylolytic, proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes which catalyse digestion. One of its chief ingredients is Dill Oil which is a carminative that relieves flatulence. It also has cardamom to ease bloated tummies. It is commonly prescribed for tummy upsets caused by changes in diet and food.

✓ Digestive supplement for cats and dogs
✓ Prescribed to ease common GI disorders
✓ To be prescribed by a vet only
✓ Not for regular use
✓ Dosage to be prescribed by a vet only
✓ Always have fresh water available for your pet

Dosage Guideline

Another trick that helps ease your pet into getting used to different foods is to introduce them to it gradually. Mix small amounts of the new foods to their regular food and gradually increase the quantities of the new food and reduce that of their regular food.This is a guide only, we strongly recommend that you check with your vet on specific dosage for your pet’s individual needs.

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