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HUFT Double Sided Slicker Brush

The HUFT Double Sided Slicker Brush is a fuss-free grooming tool that has been designed especially for medium to long haired-breeds.

SKU Double Sided Slicker

The hooked stainless steel teeth of this brush have been designed to reach the undercoat and capture loose fur. This helps control the effects of shedding. This brush has a bendable head so it applies just the right amount of pressure on your pet’s skin. The rubber handle offers you a better grip.

✓ Grooming brush for dogs
✓ Helps control shedding
✓ The bendable brush is gentle on your dog’s skin
✓ Double-sided
✓ Rubber handle for better grip
✓ Hooked stainless steel teeth
✓ Suitable for medium to long-haired breeds
✓ If you are unsure how to use this, seek the advice of a professional

HUFT Tip: Grooming becomes easier when you brush the hair in sections. Always comb in the direction of hair growth. Brush out tangles gently so that you don’t hurt your dog.

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