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HUFT Tug to Play Rope Toy

As your pet chews, it will also help scrape tartar and plaque from his or her teeth. It’s easy to wash and lasts long.

SKU Tug to Play Toy

The HUFT Toss N Play Dog Toy is a fun toy for a spirited game of tug-o-war with your pooch. This irresistible chew is made from soft cotton fabric and will be gentle on your pet’s gums.  

✓ Rope toy for dogs
✓ Suitable for strong chewers
✓ Good for the teeth and gums
✓ Made from cotton rope
✓ The rope is biodegradable
✓ Can be machine washed
✓ We always recommend responsible pet parental supervision
✓ Buy size appropriate toys for your pet 

HUFT Tip: It’s instinctive for your dog to chew and this also helps your pet release stress.It is important to get your dog toys that suit their natural instincts.

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