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HUFT Maharaja Dog Harness - Medium

Harnesses are also really suitable for large puppies and breeds like Bassett Hound and dachshunds.

Maharaja Harness-M


The lush blue Maharaja harness, leash and collar collection is the one that your dog needs if he rules the house with his cute antics and smug attitude. 

Colourful and bright, this collection is going to be a sureshot head-turner on the street and at fun parties. 


Maharaja Dog Harness-Medium is a perfect accessory for your dog if he tugs a lot while on walks. The harnesses are really easy on your dog's chest and applies minimal pressure on your dog's neck when he pulls away. This harness size is suitable for Big Breed puppies, as well as full grown breeds of Beagle, Cocker Spaniel and Dalmatian.

✓ Fits loose and more comfortable than standard collars
✓ Prevents hair tangles, breakage and skin irritation
✓ Provides more control and prevents dogs from escaping
✓ Gentle yet firm
✓ Relieves pressure on trachea by evenly distributing pressure around the neck rather than directly on the front of the neck.

Size details
S- fits neck size of 12"-18" Width 0.5" (Puppies, Pomeraneans, maltese, lhasa apso)
M- fits neck size of 18-22" Width 1" (beagle, boxers, Dalmations)
L- fits neck size of 22"-26” Width 1.3" (Basset Hound, Labs, Retreivers, German Shephards)

More Information
Size M
Brand Heads Up For Tails
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