Do you sell pets?

No, we do not sell pets, we only sell products that pets need.

Do you offer any grooming services?

Yes! The Heads Up for Tails Pet Spa is open seven days a week. We offer baths, haircuts, trims and breed-specific grooming for any breed of dog. We also have a range of special pet massages that you can choose from.

Can products be customized?

Yes! We understand that every pet has his or her own individual needs and a one-size-fits-all philosophy does not work with them. This is why we love customising and personalising pet products. We can have beds, bowls, collars, toys and almost anything else specially designed to suit your pet. If your pooch has any special needs, do get in touch with us on 9717175707 and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Besides dogs and cats, what other pets do you have products for?

We have products for small animals and birds as well!

When are your stores open?

Our stores are open seven days a week, between 10:30 am - 8 pm.

Are your stores pet friendly?

All our stores except those located within malls are pet-friendly. Do remember to keep your pets on a leash in case other furries are visiting at the same time. Cats and birds tend to get nervous in new spaces, so if you are bringing them along, please keep them secure in pet-safe carriers.

Are you also 'Paws' and 'Tail Lovers Company'?

In 2017, Heads Up for Tails and Tail Lovers Company joined forces and renewed their promise to serve pets with nothing short of the best. Operations continue under the name ‘Heads Up for Tails’ and we not only design and create pet products but also curate from the best pet brands across the world. Our Flagship store in Bangalore began with the name 'Paws' and now operates as 'Heads Up for Tails'.

Do I only have to order online from the HUFT website?

Besides our website, we have stores in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Pune and in Bengaluru. Click on this link Heads Up For Tails Stores to see which store is st to you. You can also WhatsApp/call us your order on 9108552297 (for Bangalore) and 9717175707 (for Delhi) and we will either hand-deliver or have your order shipped to you.

How do I order a birthday cake for my pet from The Barkery?

As Birthday cakes and cupcakes are specially made for your pet, we need at least 48 hours notice. Place your order in-store at any of our Bangalore outlets or call on us 9108552297. The entire amount for the cake needs to be paid in advance.

What flavours do you have?

We have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties available. The meat-based cakes can be baked with the meat that your pet prefers. We can also make cupcakes for your pet’s party!

Something I want is not in stock, can I make a special order for it?

Yes, please get in touch with us on woof@headsupfortails.comor +919717175707

If I want additional details on a product before ordering, can I contact you?
What forms of payment do you accept?

At our stores, you can pay for your order with cash, cards from major banks, PayTM and via NEFT bank transfer.

How many days after I buy something can I return it?

Our standard policy for exchanges is one week.

Can I exchange it if I order online?

If the product and situation meets the requirements of our Exchange and Returns Policy, then yes, it can be exchanged. You will have to arrange for it to be shipped back to us. Please note that we offer exchange/ store credit, we do not give cash refunds.

What if I receive damaged goods / expired products?

We keep a very eye on our goods and are careful not to stock or ship products that have passed their expiry date. If damage has occurred in transit, do get in touch with us on

How long is store credit valid for?

You can get store credit when you want to exchange an item. We prefer immediate exchanges but in special circumstances, we can extend store credit for the span of one month.

Can I speed up the delivery date on my order?

In certain situations, we can arrange of this. Do get in touch with us on to know if this is possible.

Can I cancel my online order?

Cancellations can be made before the product is dispatched. You can make a cancellation on the website or by emailing us on

How long does an order made online take to reach me?

Orders are normally dispatched within 24 hours and take 3-5 working days to be delivered based on your location. Custom-made products will take longer to ship than others. You will receive an approximate timeline when you place your order. Generally, custom-made products could take between 7-10 days to reach you'.

Do we conduct any events/workshops or set up stalls at exhibitions?

Yes, we attend exhibitions and events. We also organise workshops for pet parents and pet families from time to time. Follow us on Instagram (headsupfortails) and on Facebook (Heads Up for Tails) for updates on the same.

Do you make goodie bags and offer gift vouchers?

Yes, we can give you personalised gift vouchers and goodie bags on request.

Do you sell personalised ID tags?

Yes, you can order an ID tag for your pet online, via WhatsApp on +919717175707 (Delhi) and +919108552297 (Bangalore) and also buy it at any of our stores. We can have these tags engraved in a few minutes while you wait.