Heads Up For Tails Grooming Academy

Heads Up For Tails Grooming Academy

There’s more to pet grooming than just spiffing up a pet’s coat. Grooming is a vital part of keeping your pet healthy and comfortable. A well-nourished coat and good skin is important to the well-being of any pet.

At the Heads Up For Tails Grooming Academy, you will learn the right techniques and skills required to be a professional groomer. Our short-term, intensive training course takes you through exactly what it takes to be a pet groomer.

Over the course of a month, you will learn styling and grooming methodology from our Head Groomer, Ms. Ashita Mathew. We believe in ethical grooming practices and we train you with the same philosophy.

We aim to make every grooming session, for every dog pleasant and relaxing. Thanks to several years of experience and her international training, Ashita Mathew is able to teach you just this.

This formal course includes both theory and practical lessons.
In order to give you a firm foundation on understanding dogs, the course begins with an Introduction to the Evolution of Dogs, their Structure and Anatomy. It moves on to understanding Canine Behaviour, Body Language and Understanding Calming Signals.

The coursework delves into the specifics of grooming including coat variations, colours, grooming equipment, grooming techniques and skin care. Besides teaching you breed-specific grooming, it also covers basic CPR and First Aid.

Details of the Course -
Duration: 25 Days
Theory and Practical Classes

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