“Is this food safe to share with my pet?”

“My pet seems a bit low, how can I tell if he’s sick?”

Such questions often leave caring pet parents like you feeling confused. Many turn to the internet for help as a qualified professional may not be immediately accessible to give you answers.

This is where HUFT Vetline comes in.

HUFT has collaborated with Vet Connection in the U.K. to give you a direct line to experienced, RCVS - registered veterinary professionals. For over 18 years, Vet Connection has been providing accessible, convenient, cost-effective, and qualified veterinary advice to pet parents across the globe.

We help in providing Direct Access to
Qualified Veterinary Professionals

24x7 year-round access to nurses registered with the RCVS

Advice on everyday health issues & pet care needs

Late-night virtual assistance

No strings or costs attached

Speedy & Timely Advice on a
Wide Range Of Issues

  • Wellness &
    behavioural issues

  • Diet, Changing
    Foods, & Exercise

  • Adopting a new
    puppy or kitten

  • Moving house
    with your pet

  • Seasonal ‘do’s and

  • Health check-up

How it Works ?

  • Click the link for your 1-year
    complimentary access

  • Fill out
    your pet’s details

  • Get connected with a
    veterinary professional via chat

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is HUFT Vetline?

    It's a feature that connects you with veterinary nurses in the UK to provide support on any medical issues that you may be facing with your pet.

  • What kind of pet problems can HUFT Helpline help me with?

    Our nurses are qualified to provide advice and recommendations on almost all health and behavioural issues. They will also help you assess the urgency and criticality of the medical condition. Some of the situations that you can expect solutions to include:

    • "My dog is throwing up yellow bile. What should I do?"
    • "There is a discharge from my cat's eyes."
    • "My dog is scratching his ears and his ears are smelly."

    Please note that in critical or emergency cases, visit your local vet immediately.

  • Are there any timings to use the HUFT Vetline?

    Our nurses are available 24×7, all days of the year, any time of the day.

  • Which pet types is this service for?

    This service can be used for dogs and cats.

  • Do I still need to visit a vet after using this service?

    Yes! This service in no way substitutes the medical advice that you are getting from your local vet. It only provides a first solution to how you can manage a particular health condition with your pet. You will be recommended to visit your vet and get any necessary medications, tests etc done.

  • Why can't I see the nurse I'm talking to?

    Unfortunately, this is not a feature that's available on this platform yet. We will be launching a video-calls feature soon.

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