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Petkin Cat Litter Deodorizer - Vanilla - 576 gms

The Petkin Cat Litter Deodorizer-Vanilla is a natural dusting powder that can be used on top of any litter in your kitty’s litter box.

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This sprinkling powder contains pure baking soda which is a natural deodorizer and removes the nasty odours of the litter box. The moisture activated formula fills the area with therapeutic vanilla scented aromas every time your cat uses the litter box. This deodorizer can be sprinkled on top of any kind of litter and will make the box more attractive to your cat as well.

✓ Product Type: Cat Litter Deodorizer
✓ Can be used on any type of litter between litter changes
✓ Contains pure baking soda to deodorize
✓ Aromatherapy from vanilla essence
✓ Does not contain chemicals so it’s safe to use around pets

HUFT Tip: Always use natural products for your pets as far as possible. A natural litter box deodorizer will help to make your cat less fussy about using dirty litter and make your home smell more inviting too.

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