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Petkin Toothwipes for Pets - 40 wipes

Easy to use, toothwipes are convenient to keep up your pet’s dental hygiene. Safely packaged, you can pull each wipe out as required.

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All of these soft wipes are moistened with a special formula that includes baking soda. This cleans your pet’s teeth gently and freshens their breath as well. These toothwipes do not need water or rinsing after, adding to their advantages.


  •  Toothwipes for dogs and cats
  •  40 wipes
  •  Can be used every day
  •  Gently cleans the teeth and freshens breath
  •  No rinsing or water necessary
  •  Do not let children carry out the procedure
  •  Do not let your pet eat the wipes
Directions for use: Pull a wipe out and tear it at an angle. Wrap it around your finger (the index finger is most user-friendly), open your pet’s mouth and rub the teeth until they get clean. Use as many extra wipes as necessary. You do not need to rinse or use water for this process. Do not allow children to carry out this procedure. Pets who are unused to this will not cooperate at first use, caution to avoid bites.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Mint flavour
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