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All For Paws Modern Cat - Flash Ball Cat Toy

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All For Paws
₹ 399.00
₹ 399.00

Made from TPR material, it has blunt spikes all around, offering textural stimulation. Bounce the ball to set off the flashing lights within and surprise your pet with a visual treat! The lights stop automatically when the play ends and the ball stays idle.

Toy for cats
Flashing lights within
Lights go off automatically
Blunt spikes provide textural stimulation
Made from durable TPR Material
We always recommend playtime with responsible pet parental supervision

HUFT Tip: Remember to end playtime gradually. Stopping play abruptly will confuse your pet as they will not be able to turn off their excitement in one go. Wind down the game gradually by switching to a calmer game a few minutes before the end of the session.

Please Note: There may be variance in colour. Please allow us to choose for you.