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All For Paws Interactives - Laser Beam Toy for Pets

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All For Paws
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The All For Paws Robot Laser Toy is a unique and fun interactive toy that will keep your pet stimulated and entertained.

All you have to do is turn it on and the little spot of light (that both cats and dogs can't resist chasing!) moves unpredictably all around your space. Its 360-degree movement keeps your pets on their toes!

Interactive toy for cats and dogs
Automatic laser beam
360-degree movement
Turns off automatically after 10 minutes
Size (Cm): L 16.6 x W 15.0 x H 28.1
We always recommend playtime with responsible pet parental supervision

HUFT Tip: Engaging your pet's mind is just as important as exercising their bodies. A pet who is bored is more likely to indulge in destructive behaviour so remember to add interactive toys to the toy box as well.

Instructions: We recommed supervised play. Lasers can be harmful to eyes. Take care that your pet does not look directly into the beam.