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All For Paws Kitty - Cat Fish Cat Toy

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All For Paws
₹ 499.00

Designed to look endearing, the All For Paws Kitty Cat Fish toy is a great addition to your cat's toy box. Made with soft fabric and filled with catnip, your cat is sure to enjoy this toy! It is also light in weight and perfectly feline-sized.

  • Product type: Toy for cats
  • Catnip inside
  • Soft toy
  • Size (Cm) : L 23 x W 9 x H 3
  • Remember to buy size appropriate toys for your dog
  • Replace toy in case of rips and tears
  • We always recommend parental supervision when playing with toys

HUFT Tip: A great way to rekindle your cat's interest in a toy is to rub some catnip on it. The scent is said to be irresistible for most cats.

Dimensions (in cm): L 23 x W 9 x H 3