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All For Paws Kitty - Wand Bird Cat Toy

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All For Paws
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The All For Paws Kitty Wand Bird can take games to the next level. It is specially designed to encourage interactive playtime that includes you. Wave the wand in an unpredictable pattern or drag it along the floor so your pet 'stalks' and pounces on it. The soft pompom at the end of the string is filled with catnip to add to the fun!

  • Product type: Wand toy for cats
  • Soft, fabric filled attachments
  • Ribbon Catnip inside
  • Size (cm): L 92 x W 12.5 x H 3.5
  • Remember to buy size appropriate toys for your dog
  • Replace toy in case of rips and tears
  • We always recommend parental supervision when playing with toys

HUFT Tip: Cats have a strong predatory instinct and love games that appeal to this. With you controlling the wand toy and move it in unpredictable directions, your cat will have a blast!

Dimensions (in cm): L 92 x W 12.5 x H 3.5