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All For Paws Little Buddy - Flexi Bunny Dog Toy with Flexy Dental Rope

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All For Paws
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Designed specially for chewing, this toy has arms and legs made from dental rope. As your pup chews, these ropes floss their teeth, scraping off any build up of plaque and tartar! The toy is also cuddly enough to be a naptime buddy.

Chew toy for puppies
Dental rope arms and legs
Size (cm) : L 23 x W 24 x H 7
Please remember to buy size appropriate toys for your pet
We always recommend supervised play

HUFT Tip: While dental rope definitely aids in keeping your pet's teeth clean, it is not a complete replacement for a daily brushing routine. Make sure that once your pet is of the appropriate age, you use toothpaste made for puppies and get your pup used to having his teeth brushed every single day.