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All For Paws Wild & Nature - Antler Dog Toy

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All For Paws
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₹ 679.00

Made to imitate a real antler (but without the splinters), this toy is great for a good gnawing session! This chew toy doubles as an interactive toy thanks to the hollow centre. Just stuff it with dry kibble or treats and watch your pet patiently draw each one out.

Chew toy with interactive feature
Suitable for dogs
Cavity to hide treats
Available in multiple sizes
Remember to get size appropriate toys for your pet
We recommend playtime with responsible pet parent supervision

HUFT Tip: Even the strongest toy in the jaws of a truly determined dog can be destroyed. This is why we always recommend supervised play.

Dimensions (in cms) :
Medium -L 12 x W 5.1 x H 3.8
Large -L 16 x W 6.2 x H 5.3