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Cat's Best Cat Litter - Sensitive (Firm Clumping & Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter)

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Cats Best
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Cat's Best Cat Litter - Sensitive ismade from 100% natural and sustainable active wood fibre. This makes the litter biodegradable. The active wood fibre absorbs up to 7 times its own volume and neutralises unpleasant odours. The fine granules encourage compact clumps that can be disposed of daily. This makes Cat's Best litter more economical because the base litter can last up to 8 weeks!

  • 100% natural litter for cats
  • Suitable for sensitive cats
  • Fine granules are gentle on the paws
  • Firm, compact clumping and anti-bacterial
  • Sustainably made from secondary raw wood materials
  • Base litter can last up to 8 weeks (if clumps are removed daily)
  • Active wood fibres absorb and neutralise unpleasant odours
  • Please check for allergens

HUFT Tip: If your pet suddenly stops using his or her litter tray it's probably because something is bothering him/her. This could be anything from the tray being unclean to a sudden change in routine.