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Dogs & More Magazine

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Dogs & More
₹ 300.00
₹ 300.00

Ever dreamt of curling up with a book and a hot cup of coffee while it is raining outside? Think it is even better when it's not a book but a dog magazine? Then you have come to the right place.

Printed on glossy paper, "œDogs & More" is filled with pictures and information about dogs. And like the "œmore" in the name suggests,there are other animals too which are covered from time to time. What's more - Every issue comes with a "œpawsome" doggie poster which you can paste anywhere in your room and brighten up your day!

You also get a Privilege Card of Pawsitive People's Club absolutely FREE!! This card gives you unlimited access to discounts and offers at pet shops, pet parlours and so on.

Buy "œDogs & More" today and get all the issues delivered to your doorstep.

The price is for the entire year's subscription!

Number of Issues: 6

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