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GiGwi Catch & Scratch Cat Toy - Jean Owl (with Catnip)

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A special bird from the Catch Scratch collection, this GiGwi Jean Owl Catch Scratch cat toy is great for indoor play! Soft and lightweight, it is made for cats to scratch and toss. Its catnip inclusions make it all the more appealing for your pets. Designed to stimulate playful behaviour, watch your pets keep themselves entertained with this fun toy!

  • Product Type: Plush toy for cats
  • Catnip infused
  • Stimulates playful behaviour
  • Naturally grown, North American catnip
  • We always recommend playtime with responsible pet parental supervision
  • Please buy size-appropriate toys for your pet
  • Please replace in case of rips, tears or other damage

HUFT Tip: Toys can be used to teach your pet good behaviour and to unlearn a bad habit. Suppose your pet tends to attack your ankles, you can use an interactive toy to get her to stop. Any time that you see your pet is about to pounce on your feet, just use an interactive toy to distract her. This way she will learn to attack the toy instead of your feet!