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GiGwi Crunchy Neck Plush Friendz Dog Toy - Bear (with Bone & Squeaker)

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₹ 795.00

The crunchy neck can be chewed on, rotated or bent without losing shape. Your dog will love the crunchy sound of the neck and the hidden squeaker in this bendy toy. Covered in soft plush material it's gentle on your dog's jaws. Ideal for indoor play and for a game of tug between dogs, this toy promises to be a whole lot of fun!

  • Product Type: Indoor toy for dogs
  • Ultra bendy toy with hidden squeaker
  • Can be bent, rotated without losing shape
  • Crunchy mechanism inside
  • Toy for pets only
  • We always recommend supervised play
  • Please replace in case of rips, tears or other damage
  • Please buy size appropriate toys for your pet

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