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GiGwi Crunchy Neck Plush Friendz Dog Toy - Lion (with Bone & Squeaker)

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The GiGwi Crunchy Neck 'Plush Friendz' Lion toy is perfectly equipped to entertain your pet indoors. Dogs love the sound of its special crunchy mechanism and its ability to bend, rotate and be chomped on without losing its shape! The plush covering also hides a squeaker that adds to the fun! With foam and plush covering, it is gentle on your pet's jaws.

  • Indoor toy for dogs
  • Ultra-bendy toy with hidden squeaker
  • Can be bent, rotated without losing shape
  • Crunchy mechanism inside
  • Toy for pets only
  • We always recommend responsible pet parental supervision
  • Please buy size-appropriate toys for your pet
  • Please replace in case of rips, tears or other damage

HUFT Tip: A big factor that decides your pet's temperament is his or her experiences and interactions. Good socialising with both pets and people, plenty of exercise and mental stimulation all contribute to a good temperament.