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GiGwi Happy Indians Cat Toy - Lion (with Finger Ring)

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The GiGwi Happy Indians Finger Ring Lion cat toy is designed to get your pet moving. All you have to do is slip the ring on to your finger and wave the bobble head about. The unpredictable movement incites your pet's innate hunting instincts. The lion bobble head is made with a felt cover and catnip inclusions make it irresistible for your pet. Thanks to the string, your hands are a safe distance from accidental scratches that your excited kitty could give you.

  • Product Type: Teaser toy for cats
  • Made with felt
  • Ring and string to suspend the toy
  • We always recommend playtime with responsible pet parental supervision
  • Please buy size-appropriate toys for your pet
  • Please replace in case of rips, tears or other damage

HUFT Tip: While playing with anything that your pet needs to hunt and catch, make sure you don't make the game so difficult that your pet never succeeds in catching the toy. Not being able to catch it will leave your pet frustrated and he or she will soon lose interest in the game.