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GiGwi Push To Mute Forestails Dog Toy - Squirrel (with Plush Tail) - Green

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₹ 675.00

Let your pet enjoy the little squeaks, and when you want some peace and quiet, you can easily silence the toy by pushing the plush tail! Made of durable rubber, this squirrel toy is an excellent chew toy and plenty of fun for your pooch (even without the squeak)!

  • Squeaker toy for dogs
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Squeak can be muted when necessary
  • Made from thermoplastic rubber
  • With plush tail
  • We always recommend supervised play
  • Please replace in case of rips, tears or other damage
  • Please buy size appropriate toys for your pet

HUFT Tip:Senior pets may not be as active or energetic but they still enjoy the attention and fun involved in play. Fun and interactive toys that dispense treats are great options to keep your best buddy in good spirits.