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Dog Panty

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Dog panties are a great solution for female dogs on heat.
You can place a standard mini pad in the panty and end your worries about accidents and mess.

-Velcro adjustability for the perfect fit.
-Available in two colours: Red and Black.

How To Measure:

Waist size - it is the measurement around the narrowest part of the body which is just in front of the hind legs.

Waist to tail length - It is the length from the root of the tail to where the waist is.


Large- Waist: 18"- 22", Waist to Tail Length: 8"
Extra Large- Waist: 20"- 26", Waist to Tail Length: 10"

Ships within 3-5 working days from our warehouse.

More Details:

Handling a female dog in heat is no easy task. Your dog might get depressed or even refuse to eat. They also go through various hormonal changes during this time and become ready for mating.

Let us make this slightly easier for you- just buy adog panty online. Gone are the days of messy floors or couches - this is the era of innovation in terms of dog clothing and hygiene. All you have to do is buy dog panties for your dog and get ready to take them out whenever your dog goes on heat.

Available in two colours, red and black, thesedog pantiesare easy to wrap around your dog's waist and come with Velcro closures. There are no zippers or no buttons which your dog can chew on. Say goodbye to cleaning up a messy house after coming back home from a long day! Buydog panty online in Indiatoday and save yourself from all the trouble.