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Himalaya HimCal Calcium Supplement - 200 ml

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The natural HimCal pet supplement contains calcium and phosphorous to encourage the development and strengthening of bones and teeth. These two key ingredients are from oyster shells and present in specific ratios (1:0: 8) according to AAFCO guidelines. This supplement is easily absorbed and used. Dogs eat it up easily thanks to its milky flavour. It is often used in the treatment plan for rickets and helps prevent milk fever after whelping in lactating moms.

  • Product type: Calcium supplement for dogs
  • Suitable for dogs and pups
  • Key ingredient includes Mouktika Sukti
  • Phosphorus for bone and teeth development
  • Present in specific proportions as per AAFCO guidelines
  • Easily absorbed by the body
  • Always take the advice of a vet before altering your pet's diet (esp. with regard to dosage)


(Can be mixed with food, or given orally or as directed by vet)

Pups and Small Breed Dogs - 5 -10 ml twice daily

Adults and Large Breed Dogs - 10-20 ml twice daily

Please Note: This is only a guide, check with a vet before starting your pet on Himalaya HimCal Calcium Supplement

HUFT Tip: To ensure optimum bone growth and development, it is important to give your pet the right dose of calcium supplements. Check with a professional before you alter your pet's diet.