HUFT Adjustable Nylon Dog Leash (in multiple colors)

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Olive Green
₹ 799.00

If you need to let puppy tag along to a cafe, use the handle to secure your pet to your chair or a pole. The handle has a snap buckle closure for easy use. Suitable for all breeds, it is simple to handle thanks to its light weight. For added convenience, it has a metal ring that you can attach your keys or poop bags. A simple bolt snap closure allows for easy leash-to-collar attachment.

Leash for dogs
Made of nylon
Adjustable in length
Attachment point for keys/poop bags
Lightweight for comfort
Suitable for all breeds

HUFT Tip: Keep your pet on a short leash while walking him in high traffic areas, you can extend the length in open spaces like the beach or in the countryside.

How To Personalise:This leash can also be personalised with your pet's name, for an additional cost.To personalise this dog leash, please click on your the below links for your desired color:

Please Note: Personalised embroidered leashes cannot be returned.

Length - 38" to 70"
Width - 1 "